Exterior Painters

A fresh coat of paint on the outside of your home will enhance its appearance as well as protecting it from the elements. Trident Property Maintenance is Auckland’s exterior home painting specialists. We handle all aspects of the job and will ensure it is completed to the highest possible standards. If you need exterior painters, you should call us.

As well as having painters on our team, we also have builders, roofers, and plasterers. This means we can carry out repairs as part of the painting process. This could be to replace rotting weatherboards, easing window frames, or cutting away rusted sections of roof. We’ll make the exterior of your home look as good as new.

What We Do

  • We start by washing the exterior to remove dirt and grime from the walls and other surfaces
  • We treat mould or lichen, if required
  • Covers will then be put down on paths, decks, and driveways as well as over plants to protect them from paint splashes or spills
  • Holes and cracks will be repaired and filled to make the wall smooth again
  • If a primer or seal coat is required this will be applied
  • We then paint your home using high-quality paint products
  • When finished, the area cleaned and all rubbish is removed
  • A final quality inspection then takes place

What You Can Expect

The exterior painters we send to your home will be respectful, friendly, and professional. Our service is hassle free and we look after the whole process, including organising scaffolding. We work safely too and will complete the job on time.

Our prices are low as well. Call today to arrange a free, no obligation quote. Call 021 381 199.